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Change Management Game

change-game.pngThe Change Management Game is a real-life simulation of a change process. Despite the name it is not a game, but rather a valuable experience in a safe learning environment to help you avoid the pitfalls of change processes.

Here is a short video impression:

Making change work

Change processes can be rather complicated. In fact, 70% of all change processes prove to be unsuccessful and fail before they even make it to the finish. What does it take to realise the necessary changes and make sure a change process actually works?

Simulation will allow you to experience the dynamics of the change process. You will find out what it is like designing and living through a change process and you will discover in person the importance of support and commitment, emotions released, resistance that follows.

During simulation you will learn which change approach pays off and which one is not worth the effort. You will experience the most common pitfalls and understand which interventions are needed. You get to practice in a safe environment; to put the knowledge and experience gained into practice and make sure projects are successful.


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What happens during the change management game?

You work for a service company that is dedicated to solving customers’ problems. As the game unfolds, you find out there are lots of things going on. Are processes really efficient and effective? Are customers fully satisfied? The managers realise things need to be done differently. You are on the threshold of a change process.

That is when the real simulation begins. Who will take which initiative and how are you going to deal with things?

How does the game pay off?

  • An ineradicable reminder of turning points, pitfalls, the power of intervention and emotions released during change processes.
  • Understanding the main pitfalls during change processes.
  • Understanding and becoming aware of what staff experience during change processes.
  • Understanding what causes the ‘resistance to change’ and how to prevent this resistance.
  • Understanding the effectiveness of the change team’s interventions.
  • Knowledge of the different stages of change processes and the essential components thereof.

For whom is simulation intended?

  • Managers of companies, organisations and government bodies
  • Internal organisational advisors, project and change managers
  • External consultants, organisational advisors, project and change managers
  • ICT consultants and project managers
  • Project managers and project change team members.

Basically, simulation is meant for whoever is responsible for or becomes involved in change processes.  

Features and preconditions

Simulation is held at the company and lasts two days, including the intervening evening. At least 20 participants are required for simulation to take place. If necessary, we can provide extras. Two instructors are involved. Simulation can be performed at the clients’ or alternatively at a conference centre.


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