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Customer Drive - Customer Service Business Game

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Customer Drive is a playful way to personally experience what customers think is important in a customer service environment. In this business game we will immerse participants into new surroundings, enabling them to let go of old patterns and letting each participant start off on the same foot. This effective training is particularly suited for customer service, contact centers, and front office employees.

In a challenging setting, the participants learn important lessons about discovering customer needs and fulfilling customer wishes. Other topics are also included in the game, such as the correct manner in which customer questions and complaints should be addressed. What moves customers? What do they think is important? What works well and what doesn’t work? The participants will experience this themselves in this effective business game.

Raising customer service to a higher level

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Important themes such as customer friendliness, customer focus, and pro-activity are the common thread of this game. The main focus is on experience and each participant will be encouraged to work actively. The playful set up guarantees active involvement, significant dynamics, and lots of laughs.

Emphasis on self-responsibility

In this business game the emphasis is placed on self-behavior and self-responsibility. What works? What doesn’t work? What can you do better? The participants receive feedback from customers in a playful manner. Therefore they can already change their approach during the game and experience what works best. With this we stimulate the use of important skills, such as asking the right questions, keeping your promises, and acting pro-actively. To increase the learning experience, every participant is given the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a customer.

Is this game suitable for us?

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Would you like to promote customer friendliness in a playful manner? Then this is the training course that you are looking for.
Whether you are in business, government, or the non-profit sector, or if you are a front office employee or work in a customer contact center, this game always provides a special experience. Customer Drive is fun and dynamic, but above all educational and effective.

This customer service game is also suitable to play with large groups. A suitable space and three hours’ time are all that is needed. We will take care of the rest.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

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In this game the participants are given the opportunity to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. That provides a refreshing view of how to interact with customers.

More than just a game

The Customer Service Game is more than just a game. We create an active learning experience which makes a great impression due to the playful approach. Participants can provide and receive immediate feedback during the game. In this way, participants can experience firsthand how to effectively communicate with customers.

Customer service from theory to practice

The customer focus concepts which form the basis for this training program are based on theories such as first call resolutionend-to-end responsibility and knowledge management.

The experiences from the Customer Service Game form an excellent basis to get into these topics in greater depth with employees. Please contact us for the possibilities!

Stimulating of customer focussed competences

Customer focus is the key to being successful in this game. As it also is in real life. This game activates competences that are also very desirable in organizations:

  • Thoroughly dtermine the wishes and desires of customers (the question behind the question)
  • Attentive listening and giving the customer the feeling that they are really being heard (empathic ability)
  • Thinking from the perspective of the customer and anticipating the needs and wishes of the customers (acting pro-actively)
  • Taking responsibility and solving customer questions as soon as possible (first call resolution)
  • Updating and register customer contacts (effective customer contact registration)
  • Ensuring that the customer is satisfied and if needed providing extra service (customer focus)

Quality of our business games

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Our games are of the highest quality.

That applies to both the technical and didactical set up of the game, for the look-and-feel of the game material, and the experience of our game coaches.

It is our objective to give an effective contribution to the business objectives of our clients. We know from experience that our business games can be very effective in doing so. Therefore we offer the option to participate in one of our games prior to making a final decision.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What should better customer service cost?

Naturally, you would like to know what this game costs. We prefer to call it an investment, as this game will be discussed for a long time. We do not use actors and therefore keep the costs low. We do always provide help and guidance by having one or more of our certified business game facilitators at your own location. Please contact us for information about the most competitive price.


Does this game appeal to you? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities, free of obligations. Do you have any special wishes? We would gladly think along with you. Feel free to ask about our experiences and suggestions.

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