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tacttictravel-for siteTacticTravel is an innovative and proven way to help your organisation become more customer centric.

Many organisations would like to become more customer focused but that is easier said than done. The usual approaches of staff lectures, customer service training courses and CEO speeches are all very well but are forgotten almost before the attendees leave the room.

Until now there have been few other choices but TacticTravel is a unique new solution to the problem and has an up to 80% retention rate. It also helps build cross-functional links within your organisation while staff experience the customer centric change instead of just hear about it.

What is TacticTravel?

TacticTravel is a game-based workshop. It uses gamification approaches to drive home the change to a customer centric culture in a way that normal workshops simply cannot.

TacticTravel is ideal for allowing players to discover the importance of customer focus and to apply these insights within their own work situation.

Important themes such as an outside-in perspective, customer requirements, customer satisfaction, customer communication and creating ambassadors/promoters form common threads throughout the game. Cooperation and sharing customer information also play an important role.

Where would you use TacticTravel?

TacticTravel can be used in a variety of business contexts where you want to drive a change to a more customer centric culture. Applications include:

Customer focus programmes: The game can be used to point everybody in the same direction at the outset or at any stage during such a programme.

Training retreats, management sessions and customer open days where it generates lively debate about the essence of customer focus.

TacticTravel has been designed to help people to discover the importance of customer focus and to apply those insights in their work.

Why use a game-based workshop?

    Business games have a number of advantages over other training methods. These advantages include:
  • Intense Learning Experience: Results and feedback from a professional game host ensure a far more intense learning experience than simply attending a presentation or lecture
  • High Retention Level: As high as 80% versus 10%-20% for normal workshops.
  • Mirroring: Feedback given while playing provides players opportunities to learn from their own actions and those of the group.
  • Experimentation and Learning: Fun simulations provide individuals and groups with the opportunity to experiment with and learn from alternative approaches.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of business games over other forms of training, you can download our white paper ‘The 10 advantages of business games’.

How is this business game played?

TacticTravel is played by teams of six to fourteen participants. The more players there are the more teams can play. This makes it possible to play with even more than 200 participants simultaneously.

Experiences from participants

Tailored to your needs

TacticTravel is available in 4 versions:


In the basic version we play 2 rounds, which is active and fun. Participants gain new insights on what it takes to make customers happy. In this version the game will take about 3 hours.


In the plus version an after-game workshop will be conducted. What happened in the game? What are the learnings? How can we apply these to our own organization? In this version the game will take 4 to 6 hours.


In the extended version we introduce a couple of extra customer relationship management principles and we will have additional evaluation breaks. This will provide more insight and more opportunities for initiating customer focused action plans in your own organization. The team performance will improve during the game which will enhance the participants’ experience. In this version the game typically takes 7 to 8 hours.


Is this not precisely what you are looking for? We also provide alternative and bespoke solutions. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


The cost of the game is dependent on the number of participants. The price for of a regular game with a group of 6 - 14 participants is €2.950. The price for two groups is €4.200. With larger groups you can play the game starting from €146,50 per participant.

Prices are exclusive of VAT, location costs and travel expenses of the trainer. Included are all the materials for the game and full guidance by one or more of our experienced game faciliators.

More information

Would you like more information? Contact us or download the TacticTravel brochure.