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Vulcanus - spirit for innovation

vulcanus voorkant-resized-600Vulcanus is an innovation game to help you experience how you could be designing and marketing innovative products and services successfully. From idea to concept, prototype and launch.

The simulation game consists of different sessions. In each session, during preparations participants will determine strategy and design a business plan. The next step is to try out whether the plan actually works in practice. After each session we will analyse matters and decide on whatever needs to change for the better. At the end of the workshop matters will be geared towards the situation at hand. What is recognisable, what needs to be tackled differently?

Vulcanus is about participants understanding:

  • The steps required to develop an idea into a successful launch.
  • How their roles will influence success.
  • How they can select the most promising project.
  • How they can organise sufficient resources to finance the entire innovation process.
  • Why customers should be involved at every stage of the development process..
  • How they should join hands with other parties.

Experiences in a real innovation workshop

The video below is from a real innovation workshop with the Vulcanus innovation business game.


Speeding up the learning process
“Vulcanus has helped Enecos managers experience what open innovation is all about, because they had to deal with it at the two-day workshops dedicated to Strategy & Innovation. It helped the learning process speed up significantly.”
Bas van Beers, Eneco Management Development

A most instructive experience
“To me Vulcanus was a very fun and useful experience.”
Roel van Bommel, Extra Force Consultancy

It helped us innovate successfully
“To have a more enterprising organisation, we played Vulcanus with a group of staff members from all levels of the organisation. It made us more aware of the necessity to intensify cooperation between our different locations and putting customers at the centre stage. Paying careful attention to customers, last year Careaz Thuiszorg was voted the best healthcare team. Also, Vulcanus helped us understand the steps we need to take towards innovation.”
Liedy Vennegoor, Chairman of the Careaz Board of Directors

For whom is Vulcanus intended?

Vulcanus is designed for managers, project, product and service managers as well as staff working at organisations to which innovation and business development matter significantly. How can you make sure good ideas become market-ready products or services and that they are launched successfully? Do your development projects need an energy boost? Vulcanus will give you the “spirit for innovation”.

The story

This workshop will take us to the year 2072. After inventing the warp technology, mankind was in a position to travel to Vulcanus, which is a small planet between Earth and Mars. The Vulcans need different means of transport. The 2071 trade treaty allows Earth’s suppliers to access the Vulcanus market. Many suppliers have invested time and money to prepare for the market launching on the planet. Competition is fierce…


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